The World’s largest Door Snails


I am doing research on snails in Japan.
As you know, Japan is an island nation surrounded by the sea.
Therefore,Japan builds it’s own ecosystem because there is little interaction with the outside world.

Species with particularly low locomotion ability may undergo their own evolution.
Low locomotion refers to species that can’t swim or fly.

Among them, I will introduce the land snail !


Representative Land snails of Japan

Many Land snails inhabit Japan.
Among them, the most popular one is the japanese name「kiselgai」.

Why is it called 「kiselgai」in Japan?
because it is very similar to the cigaretts that were used in the old days.
somoke pipes are rarely seen in Japan in recent years, but they were often used at the time.

Japan is habitation to the world’s largest Door Snails.
It’s called 「Ohgisel」in japan.

The scientific name is called Megalophaedusa martens.

Ohgisel habited in the mountains of Japan.

Impact of recent urban development

However, forests are being lost due to the effects of urban development in recent years.
In addition, local residents who used to manage the mountains have started economic activites in the town.
As a result, there is no one to manage the mountain, and the moutain has become rough.

The barnacle has become an endangered species in Japan.
Ohgisel is endmic to Japan.
We have to protect the giant Door snails that inhabit this small island nation.

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