Introducing the Beautiful Red Boraras brigittae and Merah


For those of you considering raising them or those who have been intrigued by them at the shop, use this article as a reference when choosing between Boraras brigittae and Merah!


Boraras: A Stunning Tropical Fish

I’m currently raising Boraras, and their red hue is simply captivating.
As long as you don’t neglect the management of water quality and temperature, they will display a magnificent red color. I haven’t found their care to be particularly challenging.

I’d like to share the differences and points to note between Boraras brigittae and Boraras merah from my personal experience.

Comparison between Boraras brigittae and Merah

When seeing Boraras brigittae and Merah in a shop for the first time without prior knowledge, it might be challenging to spot the differences. You might vaguely notice differences in size, fins, or patterns, but the specifics might elude you. I too was unsure about which was easier to care for and which was more beautiful before I began raising them.

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Difference in Size

First and foremost, there’s a clear size difference between Boraras brigittae and Merah. Though they might seem similar in size at the store, you’ll notice the difference once you start raising them.

Merah is slightly larger!
Merah is about one size bigger than brigittae.


Difference in Color

As I continued raising them, I also noticed a difference in their body color. Brigittae has a clear, bright red hue, while Merah’s color is less transparent. I feel that Merah has less red area compared to brigittae. If you’re comparing based on beauty, I’d lean towards brigittae.

Manage Water Quality & Temperature Diligently

It’s fundamental, but maintaining water quality and temperature will allow them to showcase their beautiful colors. Aim to mimic their natural habitat in Borneo by keeping the water slightly acidic and soft. Also, avoid mixing them with medium to large-sized fish. By providing a calm environment with minimal stress, you can enjoy their beauty to the fullest. Brigittae, perhaps due to its size, is more sensitive to water quality, so be careful when changing the water to avoid sudden shifts in temperature or quality.



In this article, I’ve shared the differences and characteristics of Boraras brigittae and Boraras merah based on my personal experience. Thank you for reading till the end. I wish everyone a delightful aquarium life. See you next time.