Enjoy fishing in Japan!!


Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea.Therefore, in Japan, you can aim for many fish species in all kinds of landscapes.
Luckily, Japan has a large number of rivers that flow into the sea.
It is suitable not only for sea fishing, but also for river fishing.

I have been fishing in Japan for many years.
This time, we will intorducce recommended fish that you can catch in Japan.



Seabass can be targeted from almost anywhere in the country.
The recommended fishing method is lure fishing.
Seabass can be caught not only from the sea but also from rivers.

Also, if you want to fish in the sea, you can comfortably fish by booking aboat.


Do Japanese people not get on boats often?

I am also Japanese, but I have an image that many japanese pepole do not go fishing on boats.

Some pepole have the austere idea of finding fishing points by themselves by Walking on their own feet.
It’s true that I’m very happy with the fish I caught by myself from scratch.

Please try fishing in Japan!!